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Connecting Dentists and Patients — Conveniently

GoodCheckup® is a safe, simple and secure online dental visit app that lets patients and dentists connect conveniently on mobile devices, any time of day or night. Whether it’s a dental emergency, consultation, second opinion or a routine check in, with the GoodCheckup® teledental app, your dentist can make a quick and easy dental evaluation and provide instant feedback. Your dentist may provide advice, a diagnosis, a prescription or guidance on what steps you should take next to address your concern.

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Designed by an Experienced Pediatric Dentist to Improve Care

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The GoodCheckup® app was designed by Dr. Marilyn Sandor, a pediatric dentist from Naples, Florida, for her patients who sometimes needed advice after hours, on weekends or when away from home. Loose teeth, teething babies, a toothache or a minor accident that results in a broken tooth are all times that parents may need the support of their child’s dentist.

Of course, anyone can benefit from online dental visits with the GoodCheckup® app. Many dental issues that come up can be addressed face to face online with a dentist, making a dental visit convenient, fast and easy.

Helping with Challenging Patients

Another common problem Dr. Sandor encounters in her practice is the anxiety some children experience about going to the dentist.

Dr. Sandor realized an app that allowed easy access to an online dental visit can help with all these problems. When parents have questions, they can contact their child’s dentist through the app. And, with the GoodCheckup® app, children can meet their dentist directly over a mobile phone, with a safe, secure video call experience, making them more comfortable to later visit the dentist’s office. A friendly smile and a few reassuring words from the dentist directly, can go a long way in reducing anxiety.

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Telemedicine and Teledentistry are Changing Care Today

Because of the recent Covid epidemic, telemedicine has become routine. Patients and doctors are realizing the value and convenience of online appointments that can often get answers to patients faster than waiting for an office visit. The same change is happening with the arrival of teledentistry. Dentists and their patients are realizing that many dental issues can be addressed faster with an online dental visit. Patients can get the advice of their dentists, start home care and schedule follow up care if needed. Online visits are great for check in appointments following an office procedure.

The GoodCheckup® app is designed to be easy to use and convenient. And it provides the tools a dentist needs to take care of you, such as records review and other patient information. Don’t miss out on the telemedicine revolution. With GoodCheckup®, reach your dentist online, privately and securely, at your convenience.

Don’t wait and worry about your dental health. With GoodCheckup®, getting answers to your dental problems is quick and easy. Download the free GoodCheckup® app today.

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