GoodCheckup® Processes Payments Using Stripe for Your Security

We use third party payment portal vendor, Stripe for payment transaction processed with the GoodCheckup® dental app. Stripe is the second largest electronic payment processing company in the world and has a heavy emphasis on security.

Stripe is certified as a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification for companies handling large numbers of transactions

An example of how highly Stripe values security is their bounty program in partnership with Hackerone. Stripe pays up to $25,000 for hackers to find and report any vulnerabilities in their software.

How Stripe Protects the Security of Virtual Dental Patients

Patients: When you enter your credit card to pay for a virtual dental consultation using GoodCheckup®, none of your credit card information goes to GoodCheckup® or is stored on our servers. It is encrypted using HTTPS and HSTS at the maximum levels of security.

How Stripe Protects the Security of Dentists

When a patient pays for a virtual dental consultation, the patient’s credit card information and transaction are handled by Stripe and not retained in the GoodCheckup® app.  Stripe then processes disbursement of your fees directly to the financial institution account you specify.  Simple, secure and hassle free.


At GoodCheckup®, commitment to the security of dentists and their patients is priority number 1.