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Specialty Consultation Visit
While Dr. Sandor is the primary dental care provider to many of the patients in our practice, your child may have been referred to Naples Pediatric Dentistry by your family practitioner or general dentist. Often times this referral is for Dr. Sandor to perform treatment/give an opinion on some problem or question for which the referring doctor is either not specially trained or does not feel fully comfortable performing/answering.
When you are referred to our office, the first visit is known as a Specialty Consultation. At this visit, no treatment other than an oral examination and perhaps digital x-rays will be performed. We will also review your medical and dental history. Upon completion of your first visit you will be given an appointment for treatment, a treatment plan for your child, and several forms containing detailed explanations of the treatment that your child needs.
The Specialty Consultation is extremely important and we need to meet your child to evaluate him/her. While we understand that it requires a separate visit ahead of the treatment, we feel that it is in the best interest of your child. It allows us to review all treatment needs with you and schedule the next appointment at the appropriate time of day. For example, your child may need to be the first patient of the day or perhaps be on an empty stomach in order to complete the appropriate treatment.
At this consultation appointment we will also give you all the information that you will need pertaining to office policies and finances.
While we understand that you are busy and that you want to begin your child's treatment as soon as possible, the Specialty Consultation is essential for two primary reasons. First, we need to determine what kind of treatment is needed; the treatment for which your child was referred to us is not always the same as the treatment that we recommend after we review the history, clinical examination, and x-rays. Second, we need to meet your child so that we can decide which method of treatment is best suited for him/her as an individual. There is no "all-purpose" method for treating children. We must evaluate your child's behavior and ability to follow direction in a dental setting. Based on your child's medical history, treatment needed, and his/her level of cooperation, we will develop a treatment plan for your child's particular needs.
There are many options that we can use to treat children at different ages and with different treatment needs. Some of our patients will simply hop into the dental chair and open their mouths! Others who are a little nervous benefit from the use of nitrous oxide gas, which acts as a sedative.  In other situations we may recommend the use of conscious sedation using oral medicines that would be administered in our office. Conscious sedation patients must have an excellent medical history in order to be candidates for this type of procedure. They must be cold and cough free and we must evaluate them prior to administering the oral sedative the morning of the procedure. Oral sedations are performed during the first morning appointment and your child must also be on an empty stomach for the procedure.
As you can see, there is much that Dr. Sandor will need to evaluate during your child's Specialty Consultation visit in order to be sure that our treatment meets his/her needs.