Can I Use GoodCheckup to Provide Dental Chat Services to my Patients?

Yes! The GoodCheckup App is designed to provide dentists with dental chat services to offer to their patients. The video feature means you get to speak with them face to face, getting a better idea of what is going on with them and making the call more purposeful and effective for both parties. It’s easy to sign up and get started.

Picture of dentist to illustrate dental chat explanation

Grow Your Dental Practice with Dental Chat Services

Chat features are very popular with the public and will help you provide better service to your clients and grow your dental practice.

Advantages of Dental Chat

Teledentistry has Arrived!*

Dental chat is part of the telehealth revolution that has made healthcare delivery more efficient. Teledentistry is growing more popular with the public, and has lots of advantages for dental professionals as well.

  • Add a service your clients will love. No travel, no office visit! Fast, efficient and convenient for both parties.
  • Save your valuable time on patient visits. Save chair time for procedures. Increase your billable time.
  • Get information in the chat you can use to plan upcoming procedures, improving practice efficiency.
  • Attract new patients, younger and older, who prefer online interactions
  • Simple to implement. Download and set up the app in a few minutes. It’s free and easy.
  • Set your chat appointment schedule and the patients do the rest. No need to have office staff make these appointments for you.
  • Set virtual appointments for consultations that do not require staff and equipment in the office, improving your profit margins.
  • Set your consultation fee in the app, the app collects the fee and pays you. No paperwork, no billing.

*The American Teledentistry Association offers a list of all of the benefits of teledentistry.

GoodCheckup is available for Apple and Android devices – and it’s free.

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Which Dentists Benefit from Offering Dental Chat Services?

All dentists can benefit from offering online dental chat services. Here’s how:

  • General dentists can provide after hours, remote and fast access to any patient who needs it, such as a dental emergency, questions and follow-ups and planning consultations.
  • Specialists such as orthodontists and cosmetic dentists who need patients to check in regularly, for care at home questions, to to provide second opinions to current or prospective patients.
  • Pediatric dentists use it to provide stress-free introductory visits with children, help with parent questions and emergencies like lost teeth or toothache. Parents appreciate after hours access
  • Great for any dentists with remote and home-bound patients who appreciate virtual appointment services.

Virtual Dentist: GoodCheckup Delivers your Dental Office in Your Hand

screen capture of Good Checkup teledentistry

The GoodCheckup Dental app is more than chat. Here are some the app’s features that will help make your dental chat appointments most effective:

  • Set and manage your own calendar
  • Set and display your fees so patients know what they are ahead of time
  • See when patients enter your virtual “waiting room”
  • Communicate directly with patients any time of night or day with face-to-face video chat
  • Review and share photos and dental records from the app
  • The app collects fees automatically from the patient so you don’t have to
  • A Stripe payment portal account sends deposits directly to your bank account