GoodCheckup® is Making Teledentistry Simple

Have you tried dental telemedicine? Most of us have had a virtual appointment with our doctors some time in the last couple of years. Turns out, just like telemedicine, teledentistry is changing the way we get dental care these days.

GoodCheckup® Corporation, based in Naples, Florida, was founded by Dr. Marilyn Sandor DDS based on her 20+ years of experience as a pediatric dentist combined with her realization of the value that teledentistry could bring to her patients. She founded the company to develop a true mobile-to-mobile dental app and bring it to market.

With GoodCheckup® your Dentist Appointment is Easy as 1-2-3

Parents, children and any patient will find that dental telemedicine is a simple, easy and painless way to see your dentist. And with the GoodCheckup® app, your dental appointment is easy as 1 2 3. Just download the app, sign up, find your dentist and make an appointment. When it’s time, connect in minutes to your dentist.

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With GoodCheckup®, you get a lot of dental care, right at your fingertips:

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  • Make appointments fast
  • Connect quickly at appointment time, from anywhere
  • Simple face-to-face interface to talk directly with your dentist
  • Share documents and records
  • Complete forms right on the app
  • Take and upload pictures with camera feature for your dentist to review
  • Chat capability/hearing impaired compatible
  • Easy payment feature

Doesn’t the dentist need all that equipment?

Of course, sometimes you’ll need to go into the dentist office. But there’s a lot a dentist can do with a virtual appointment. They can answer your dental questions, give advice or a prescription in an emergency, or complete a check in appointment visual exam. They can take pictures of problem teeth or gums, and discuss a treatment plan with you.

If a procedure is needed, or it’s time for routine x-rays, cleaning, and other hands-on care, you can make an office visit appointment with your dentist during your teledental appointment.

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GoodCheckup® makes dental care easier than ever!

Save time. Save money. Relax and enjoy a convenient new way to see your dentist. The GoodCheckup® app is perfect for kids’ appointments, orthodontic check-ins, small emergencies or second opinions. Dread the dentist? GoodCheckup® makes dental care stress free! Keep it simple, and get a head start on your dental health with GoodCheckup®.

GoodCheckup® is a proud member of the American Mobile and Teledentistry Alliancelogo for the american mobile and teledentistry alliance

Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play
Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play