Connect With an Online Dentist

If you’re looking for ways to connect online with a dentist, you’re not alone. You are probably one of the thousands of people who are realizing that not every dental issue — or dental question — requires booking an appointment weeks out, then taking off work or school and waiting in a crowded waiting room.

Picture of a dentist in a video chat with a patient online
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Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play
Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play

Mobile technology is your open door to dentists who are willing to see you in the privacy of your home via your Smartphone camera. GoodCheckup® turns your device into a dental office in your pocket or purse.

Choose Your Dentist and Start a Video Chat Today

When you use the GoodCheckup® app, you can schedule virtual appointments with your dentist from your phone.


Here’s how!

Download the App for Free and Your On Your Way to Better Dental Care

Available for Apple or Android phones. Tap or click the button that applies to you. Or search “GoodCheckup” in the App Store or on Google Play.

Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play
Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your phone, you’ll enter and verify your phone number to get started.

Find your Dentist on the GoodCheckup® App

When you sign up for the App, you have the opportunity to choose your dentist from the list of participating practitioners. Select your dentist’s name from the list and you will be set to begin to use the app for appointments. Use the search feature at the top of the page to find your dentist more quickly.

What if Your Dentist is Not on the List?

You can invite your dentist to join the app. Just fill out the form on the Select Dentist page. Enter your dentist’s name, email address and phone number and they will receive an invitation to become a GoodCheckup® provider.  Or give them a call and let them know how convenient and easy teledental appointments would be for your and your family. We are signing up dentists every day as they learn about the benefits for them and their patients.

Online Dentistry is an Affordable Reality with GoodCheckup®!

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