Frequently Asked Dentist Questions

Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play
Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play

How can GoodCheckup® help my practice?

From expanding your list of services, to providing greater patient satisfaction, to serving patients who would otherwise likely not visit a dentist. Read Dr. Sandor’s blog post on the benefits of GoodCheckup® and teledentistry to your dental business.

What kind of services can I offer with the GoodCheckup® app?

Follow ups, emergencies, second opinions, dental monitoring, even helping pediatric patients get to know you ahead of their first visit are all perfect opportunities for the GoodCheckup® app.

Read more about our services here.

Is my private information secure? What about my credit card?

Yes, the app encrypts all dental records and recordings. In addition, the app uses a credit card processing firm that has a heavy emphasis on security. You can read more about that here.

Are there legal requirements for practicing teledentistry?

Teledentistry is spreading rapidly throughout the country and most states allow it. However, it is still not legal in a few states. Most states have rules that are specific to teledentistry. You will need to check for your state.

How does the billing work using the app?

Teledentistry billing is very flexible with the GoodCheckup® App. Here’s a page that gives a more complete answer to this question.

What are the teledentistry billing codes?

There are only two teledentistry billing codes currently recommended by the ADA, D9995 and D9996. We discuss these a bit on our teledentistry billing page, and we also give you a link to the ADA’s paper on this.

What does it cost?

GoodCheckup® is free to download on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

A premium version will offering prescription-writing features will soon be available for $35/month, following a free 30-day trial period.

What’s the difference between the basic version and the premium version

The premium version offers the same features as the basic, as well as e-prescription capability.

Can we dentists get paid for our work? Can we charge consultation fees, and how much?

Yes, you can get paid for the services you provide.

Yes, you may set your consultation fees at any level you wish, as well as your fee for emergency or routine follow up appointments.

For your convenience, the app will provide an estimate of how much you will be paid.

What are the fees for using GoodCheckup®?

GoodCheckup® charges a minimal fee per consultation. Additionally, there is a small fee charged by the credit card processor.

Can I bill client insurance for the appointment?

GoodCheckup® has an insurance claims form available for download in the app, or which can easily be shared by email. This allows the patient could complete and send in to their own insurance company. In many cases the cost of a consultation is less than the cost of a copay.

What should I tell my patients about GoodCheckup®?

Let your patients know that they can talk to you when they need you right from their mobile device. This is a benefit that makes your practice more valuable to them. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are some helpful tips on how to communicate the added value of your dental practice that GoodCheckup brings with it.

How do I enroll?

It all starts with downloading the app to your mobile device. The app will walk you through enfrollment and the necessary agreements. Here’s a page that links directly to the appropriate App or Play Store pages.

Does GoodCheckup® offer online dental chat?

Yes! Patients and doctors can communicate by voice, video, or chat. Chat is a great option during a virtual patient appointment to make sure your patient is online and ready for the appointment, but it can be used in any situation where it seems appropriate. You can read more here about how dental chat with GoodCheckup® can benefit your practice.

How does GoodCheckup® compare with Teledentix?

Teledentix is a full service application that includes some teledentistry capabilities. GoodCheckup® is a standalone teledentistry platform that can be more quickly, easily, and affordably adopted by dental practices. Read the full comparison here.

Is GoodCheckup® a Dental Monitoring App?

Yes, absolutely. GoodCheckup® makes dental monitoring simple because it’s a free download, it runs on any smartphone, either Apple or Android, and it allows patients to pay according to the rates you set, right from the app. Read more about the advantages of dental monitoring.