GoodCheckup® as a Dental Monitoring App

Advances in medicine improve our lives every day. One of the most impactful in recent years has been the growth of telemedicine. Being able to monitor the progress of a patient’s health remotely has made care better for millions. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has even published studies showing the overwhelmingly positive attitudes among patients and dentists toward dental monitoring.

Now it’s simple to position your practice to easily provide this service. Patients and doctors are both benefiting from our simple-to-use dental monitoring app, GoodCheckup. No special equipment needed!

How does Dental Monitoring Work?

Stay Connected with Patients

Partner for Health

picture of dentist using an app to monitor her child patient
picture of mother and daughter using an app to connect with their dentist

Diagnose and Monitor Problems

Offer the Convenience of Remote Care

Dental monitoring is used to manage many different situations, from routine follow up care for a recent procedure to dental emergencies. Dentists use the GoodCheckup App to get in touch with patients remotely and check in with them in a face to face video chat for things like:

  • Answer mom or dad’s questions about teething baby or lost baby tooth
  • Orthodontic check-ins for clear aligner adjustments or broken bracket problems
  • Recovery follow up for root canals or abscess
  • Monitor treatment plans
  • Follow up on new dentures, dental implants and other treatments
  • Periodontal check in to assure graft healing
  • Visually inspect for caries, chipped tooth, inflamed gums or other problems

Access to Care, Anywhere!

Does your clear aligner patient travel for school or business?

Do they spend summers away from home?

Do you need to make more time in the office for dental procedures?

Do your busy patients appreciate saving time and travel with convenient virtual services?

All you need is your cell phone!

Stay in touch anywhere, anytime with GoodCheckup dental monitoring app.

Stay connected with GoodCheckup and give your dental patients Access to Care, Anywhere!

Add Remote Dental Monitoring to your Portfolio of Services

screenshot of GoodCheckup Teledentistry App
Remote monitoring lets you deliver quality care to your patients in a convenient virtual setting that they will appreciate. Set your calendar however you like, including convenient evening and weekend appointments.


Enjoy the convenience of working from home or on the road and keep your patients happy and receiving the best care you can give them. It’s easy, fun and convenient for everyone and a great timesaver.


Today’s internet savvy patients love the convenience of telemedicine with their doctors and want to save time on office visits. Give them the same high level of services with convenient virtual appointments they will appreciate. And, with the time you save, you will too!


Teledental services are cutting edge, and a growing segment of the dental profession. Add popular new services and revenue to your practice with secure remote dental monitoring with GoodCheckup. 

Download the app today to get started!

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