How does GoodCheckup® compare with Teledentix?

Many dentists are looking for a simple solution to staying in touch with patients. GoodCheckup® compares favorably with the Teledentix app by offering an affordable teledentistry solution that you can have up and running quickly, one that does not interfere with your other office processes. How does GoodCheckup® do this, compared to Teledentix?

Fast and Easy Teledental App in your Hands Today

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Unlike more complex mobile teledentistry service models like Teledentix, GoodCheckup® is a standalone app. Download GoodCheckup® and be able to connect to your patients within minutes. No complicated startup, no integration with your office applications, no training needed. We’ve designed GoodCheckup® to make life simpler for busy dental professionals while still allowing them to offer virtual dental care to their patients.

Teledentix is software that is an all-inclusive technology solution for dental practices that want to integrate their teledentistry with their practice. Some practices are ready to take on more complex integration projects, but many dentists are looking for a low-cost, simple, easy to use teledental solution that won’t take precious time to set up and master.

Teledentistry as Easy as 1-2-3

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With GoodCheckup®, you get a standalone, comprehensive mobile app that makes offering and delivering teledental services to your patients a breeze: 

  • All You Need Is Your Phone
  • PURELY Mobile to Mobile
  • Comprehensive, Standalone
  • Set your Schedule
  • EHR Independent
  • Data Stored in Cloud
  • Easy Upload Images, X-rays and Documents
  • No Hassle Authorization Forms
  • E-Prescribing Capability
  • Video and Cha
  • Set and Collect Fees with Convenient Automated Payment Processing
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GoodCheckup® Easy for Patients to Use

Downloadable in minutes from the Apple or Google Play stores, GoodCheckup® is easy for patients to access on a mobile phone. The app lets patients set up appointments with their dentist and pay in a seamless process. Offer patients the extra access they need for advice, check ins or other remote services at your convenience and on your schedule. They will love having the convenience of a video chat with you. Expand your dental practice to include teledental services that are becoming more and more popular since the explosion in telemedicine during the pandemic. Patients will love being able to contact you in case of emergency or just the chance to save a trip to the dentist office.

Your patients will love the GoodCheckup® app!

Expand Your Dental Practice in a Few Minutes

GoodCheckup® is a fast, no-hassle way to expand your practice and make your patients happy with the convenience of mobile appointments.  Invented by a busy pediatric dentist, the GoodCheckup® app is designed to be fast and easy to use. The app is comprehensive and standalone, so nothing more is needed. Patients pay through the app in advance, so there’s nothing to bill or collect.

Download the app and sign up for your Dentist account, set your calendar, set your fees, link your bank account through secure 3rd party banking app, Stripe, to receive deposits and you’re ready to start offering teledental appointments.

It’s so easy, you can get started today.

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Download GoodCheckup® Today!

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