Looking for a Painless Dentist Experience?

While today’s dentistry is virtually pain free compared to the past, most of us still worry about the discomfort and occasional pain that a dentist visit conjures up in our minds. Along with amazing advances in dental technology, the arrival of virtual dentistry has made it easy to see your dentist without that nagging fear of a painful experience.

What is a Virtual Dentist Appointment?

Teledentistry, like telemedicine, is a new technology that connects dentists and patients via a secure online app. Like telemedicine, it uses face to face video and chat that makes communication easy. Dentists can access your records and review photos, and will discuss symptoms and care with you. Virtual dentist appointments can cover a lot of topics and save you a trip to the dentist chair. Many patients are pleased with the easy access to their dentist in a comfortable setting, from the convenience of their home or office or when something comes up while you are traveling and away from home.  Teledentistry is becoming a growing aspect of regular dental care, reducing the time you have to spend at your dentist, and improving the quality of your overall care. Many issues that come up can be handled sooner with a virtual appointment than having to wait for an opening at the dentist’s office. The GoodCheckup® teledental app provides patients and doctors with a free platform on which to have secure, private virtual dental appointments. Painless and hassle free virtual care on GoodCheckup® is great for kids and busy adults alike. The app is easy to use and lets the patient make an appointment, often including evening and weekend hours, directly on the dentist’s calendar. Compared to office visits, virtual dental appointments are very affordable. You pay your dentist’s fee right in the app, fast and easy.

When is a Teledental Appointment Appropriate?

Teledentistry is a perfect partner for the actual dental office. Many aspects of your dental care can be handled in a virtual appointment.

Dental Emergencies

Have dental pain? A virtual dentist can often see you faster and offer help with your issue. Teledental appointments can handle a variety of dental emergencies, like toothache, a broken or lost tooth or crown or other issue. Dentists can advise home care, offer a prescription, and help you make a follow up dental office appointment if needed.

Kids’ Dental Issues

When it comes to kids and dentists, a painless dentist visit is important, and what’s better than a virtual visit that skips the office visit altogether? A mobile to mobile virtual dental appointment is great for children and worried parents. And, from fussy teething babies to lost teeth, a quick call to the dentist can help answer questions. Some kids are nervous about going to the dentist. A virtual appointment on an app like GoodCheckup®, which was designed by a pediatric dentist, makes it easy to introduce kids to their dentist and make them comfortable before an upcoming appointment. Easy, fast, painless.

Timesaver for Routine Follow Ups

Keep your treatments on time with a virtual dentist. Teledentistry is also used for routine follow-up appointments with family dentists, or specialists, like orthodontists or cosmetic dentists, saving the time spent going to the dentist’s office as well as lost waiting room time. Just set a follow up virtual appointment and check in with your dentist to keep your progress on track.

Pain Free Virtual Dentistry Has So Many Uses

Along with regular dental care, your virtual dental app can come in handy for a lot of other dental issues. If you have a new dentist, or suddenly develop a problem, you and the dentist can discuss your issues in a virtual online appointment and make a plan. Or schedule an introductory appointment if you want to meet a new dentist before you see them and put yourself in their dental chair. Use the app to contact your dentist for questions or issues that don’t need an office visit, or if you’re out of town. You may have questions for home care after a procedure, or experience minor discomfort that you want your dentist to know about. A virtual dental appointment is great for getting a second opinion or more information or planning for services such as cosmetic dentistry, dentures, implants, and so on.  Get all the answers you need, right on your phone without leaving your home or office.

Painless Dentists at the Touch of a Button

A painless virtual dentist appointment on the GoodCheckup® app is at your fingertips. The download is free and sign up is fast and easy. Make sure your pain free dental plan includes a teledental option and you’ll always have answers to your dental needs at the touch of a button.