Spread the Word about your Teledental Services

You’ve downloaded and set up your GoodCheckup® teledental app. Your calendar and fees are set. Perhaps you’ve had your first virtual appointment with a patient. You’ve discovered that teledental opens a whole new world of opportunities to expand your services and practice with the convenience of mobile-to-mobile consultation. Expand your hours, improve communications with patients, provide emergency access and more. Offering teledental services saves you time and money so you can fit more dental procedure appointments into your clinic schedule. With set up complete, now is a great time to begin to promote your new services and see your client retention improve and your client base grow. Let’s look at why and how to get the word out about your teledental services.

Why Should You Market Your Teledental Services?

Telemedicine has become a major factor in the delivery of healthcare to patients in America. Particularly since the pandemic, the demand for online medical appointments with healthcare providers has grown rapidly. Patients and healthcare providers benefit from the convenience of remote care, as well as the ability to respond more rapidly to urgent care needs, such as COVID infections, and to provide guidance and medications quickly with an online consultation. People have become comfortable with online healthcare delivery. So we can expect teledental services to also continue to grow rapidly, and the number of services delivered via teledentistry to grow over time.

Your patients are likely aware of and receiving remote care with their doctors. Once you let them know the same convenience and after hours services are available from their dentist, they’ll want to sign up and take advantage of the service. Teledental visits are especially popular with busy families, for children who may still be nervous about sitting in the dentist chair, with homebound seniors, and with busy professionals who don’t have time to drive over and sit in the dentist office lobby waiting for an appointment. And, with gas prices on the rise, families save both time and money on travel by enjoying a video consultation from home.

So, the time is right to spread the word about the extra convenience your GoodCheckup® teledental services offer and see your patient satisfaction and your practice grow.

How to Market Teledentistry Services

Here are ways to make sure everyone finds out about your new Teledental Services:

Add your new Teledental Services to your website.

    • Add Teledentistry to your list of services where those appear on the website..
    • Download our GoodCheckup® website widget and have your webmaster place it on your website. Be sure to include a link where patients can download the GoodCheckup® app. Once they download and set up their Patient App, your clients will be able to find your name and calendar to make an appointment.
    • Or, write your own website content and explain the convenience and benefits of your new service, and how to arrange a teledental appointment in your own words and style. Include a download link so visitors can easily access the app.

Update your Google Business Profile list of dental services to include Teledentistry. Your Google profile and your website are two ways people find you when searching the Internet for a dentist.

Write about your new Teledental Services on Facebook and any other social media sites you post on. Be sure to respond to any questions people ask in the comments. This will help them and others better understand the new service.

Send an email to your patients letting them know they can now consult with you on their mobile phones. Let them know that they can schedule appointments quickly on the app for emergencies, follow up or for a consult that saves a trip to the office. Be sure to provide a link to the app in the email so they can access it and choose you as their dentist on the app so they are ready to go.

Post GoodCheckup® Video Chat/Teledentistry services in your office at the front desk so that patients coming to check in can see it. Be sure your key staff knows how to explain how the service works to anyone who asks.

If you do text marketing, send your patients a text with a link to download the app or to your webpage, blog or post explaining the new service. Send it as a text to any patient calling to request an emergency appointment outside normal hours, or one whose issue might better fit a video appointment rather than an office visit, or because a video appointment can help get them in sooner. Sign up is easy and they can connect with you very quickly if it’s an urgent issue.

Inform your marketing company, if you have one, that you now offer mobile-to-mobile teledentistry. If they do search engine optimization, blogs, newsletters or paid ads for you, they can incorporate promoting your teledental services in their marketing strategy. Telemedicine and dentistry are growing fast, and providers are aggressively advertising and promoting the service to the public.

Get More Information

Do you have questions or ideas on how to promote your new teledentistry option? GoodCheckup® is happy to hear from you and help you as you promote and grow your teledental services. Feel free to reach out to us at support@goodcheckup.com and we can help you as you launch and promote a convenient online dentist option both you and your patients will love.