Can I Use GoodCheckup® for Online Chat With My Own Dentist?

GoodCheckup® was designed to give dentists and their patients a way to meet online instead of in the dental clinic. Patients and dentists appreciate the flexibility and convenience of dentist online chat and video chat, and all in a secure environment that protects your privacy. You can meet with your own dentist any time, from anywhere in the world. Being able to meet with your dentist online lets you take care of your dental health no matter where you are with an online dental consultation.

You may have heard of GoodCheckup® from your own dentist. After you download and open the app, just search for your dentist and set them as your preferred dentist. You can then access their calendar and make an appointment.

If your dentist is not yet on the list, send us their information and we’ll invite them to sign up. They can get set up quickly and be available to chat with you when you need them.

The Benefits of Using GoodCheckup® for Online Chat with Your Dentist

Besides the convenience, safety and privacy of an online dental consultation, there are many ways your oral health can benefit from online dental care:

  • Dental emergencies – broken cap, lost tooth, toothache – contact your dentist quickly for advice and even a prescription if needed. It could save you hours of time in a strange dental emergency clinic.
  • At home care and dental hygiene – get help with home care for your dental issues. Video consulting is a great way to customize your dental education and home care, get answers and take the best care of your teeth and gums.
  • Follow ups and progress checks – post procedure, dental surgery, new implants, etc. Followup visits are more convenient online! Skip the travel, the wait and the dental chair.
  • Second opinions – thinking of cosmetic dentistry or implants? Video consulting is great for getting a second opinion before you decide. Share images and records as well with your dental specialist.
  • Preparing for dental surgery – learn about your upcoming surgery, get your questions answered, and discuss pre-op preparation you may need to do.
  • Kids’ dentistry – kids love remote dental care! Great for nervous children, first time parents, first time patients, and for questions and answers on common kids’ dental problems such as teething and loose teeth.
  • Orthodontist visits – check in with your orthodontist remotely with online dental to track your progress with aligners or traditional braces.
  • Evenings, weekends, after hours care – most dentists add online dentist consultation appointments after hours and on weekends so you can reach them when it’s most convenient, not just dental clinic hours.
  • Seniors and others who prefer care from home – enjoy the convenience and safety of seeing your dentist from the comfort of home.
  • On the road, at work, from anywhere – traveling for work or pleasure? It’s great to know you can reach your dentist online from wherever you are.

And, getting that convenient care from your own dentist is even better. No more late night, crowded emergency dentists who don’t know you. Have that extra security and convenience of being able to reach your dentist right from your mobile device when you need them. Your dentist will enjoy the easy convenience of GoodCheckup®, too.