Online Dental Chat with GoodCheckup

Looking for an Emergency Dentist Who Offers Online Chat?

GoodCheckup Can Help You…

  • Chat with your dentist on your mobile device.
  • Connect anytime with your own dentist (days/evenings/weekends).
  • Chat about emergency or routine dental care.
  • Get convenient dental access wherever you are – at home, work or on the road.
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Picture of woman chatting with dentist on her tablet about mouth pain

Chat About Emergency Dental Care  (or any other dental concern) With a Dentest Online

Dental emergencies can happen anywhere or anytime (if you are wondering what constitutes a “dental emergency,” check out this guide from the American Dental Association). With GoodCheckup on your Apple or Android phone you’ll be able to connect with your dentist quickly and easily. You can chat with your dentist using GoodCheckup and then easily switch to a face to face video consultation if you need so they can assess your condition, provide immediate advice and help you get the care you need quickly.


GoodCheckup is available for Apple and Android devices – and it’s free.

Button to download GoodCheckup on the Apple App Store
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Schedule a call with your dentist right from the app

Your dentist can access your records from previous GoodCheckup sessions right from the app and help you with your dental emergency or other situation. The app lets your dentist:


  • Assess your dental situation with live chat or a face to face video call.
  • Review your dental records.
  • Provide feedback for home care or advise you to get emergency care.
  • Prescribe medication you can get right away from your pharmacy.
  • Schedule a follow up office visit if needed.

Good Dental Health with GoodCheckup Online Dental Chat

Download the free GoodCheckup app and make online dental chat part of your regular dental care. Emergency dentist, post treatment follow up, orthodontic check ins, no-stress pediatric dental, second opinions, planning for upcoming dental treatment, all available right from your phone. Your dentist is only a call away with GoodCheckup.