What to Expect During an Online Consultation with Your Dentist

If you’re new to online dental care, you may be wondering what dental services are available during an online dental consultation, and what to expect from your appointment. The good news is that with today’s technology and the convenience of a face to face video visit with your dentist, there is a lot that can be done to assess and help with your dental health. There is even an American Teledentistry Association.

Making Your Online Dental Appointment

It’s important to sign up early for online dental care. Download the GoodCheckup App and complete the short registration process. Find your dentist from the list. If your dentist has not yet enrolled as a dental provider with GoodCheckup, give them a call and ask them to sign up as a provider at https://goodcheckup.com/for-doctor/. The process is fast and easy, just like it is for patients. Once you both have the GoodCheckup app, setting online appointments is simple and convenient for both you and your dentist.

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When Your Dental Appointment Starts

When your appointment starts, you will have a face to face conference with your dentist. The dentist may access your records to let him examine any images or notes about your particular dental issue.The dentist may ask you about any symptoms you are having and what if any steps you have taken to manage the problem.You may share with the dentist any photos you have taken of the problem. If this is a pediatric visit, the parent will participate and provide information. They will then advise you on the next steps in your care, which of course depend on what is going on.

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While many online dental consultations will be for non-urgent issues, urgent problems can be addressed during a virtual dentist appointment to assure that the problem doesn’t get worse and decide if you need to get follow up care. Rather than going to a hospital emergency room or emergency dental clinic that doesn’t know you, both of which can take many hours and can be very costly, a lot of conditions can be addressed with a virtual consultation with your own dentist, right from your home. This may even be after hours or on a weekend, when normally your dentist’s office is closed. Having an online dental app available when you need it can be an important improvement in your dental care, and can be a money-saver as well.

Finishing Up Your Virtual Dental Appointment

Before ending your call, you can expect that the dentist will advise you of home care to manage the problem right away. They may go over a recommended treatment plan with you. They will let you know if they recommend an office visit to address the issue. They may also give you a prescription or recommend over the counter medication that will help alleviate symptoms. Finally, the dentist will ask if you have any questions so that they know the goal of the appointment has been met. They may also have you make your next online or dental office visit appointment.

After your appointment is complete, the app will direct you to pay the dentist’s fee, a fast and easy process. Most online dental consultations are very affordable. Online dental consultations are the best way to get fast answers to all your dental-related questions, when and where you need them and at a price you can afford. Make the GoodCheckup app part of your regular dental care.

Get Dental Advice for Many Conditions

Here are just some of the conditions that you can get dental advice for during an online dental consultation:

  • Dental pain or discomfort
  • Bleeding gums care
  • Broken, loose or lost tooth
  • Lost or broken crown or filling
  • Teeth grinding
  • Teething baby
  • Orthodontic patient check in
  • Cosmetic dental follow up
  • Discuss treatment plan for upcoming dental work
  • Second opinions

With children, an online dental consultation can be a great way to prepare them for an upcoming visit to the dentist office. Children can meet their dentist and learn about what will happen in the security of their own home. They may ask questions in a video call they may be too nervous to ask sitting in the dentist chair.

picture of man during online dental appointment for tooth pain