Teledentistry has arrived, and it’s changing the face of dentistry. Your dental care will never be the same. With online dental consultations, you can skip the travel, skip the waiting room, and skip the dental chair for many dental issues.

What is GoodCheckup®?

GoodCheckup® is a free dental app available for Apple and Android devices. It was developed by Dr. Marilyn Sandor DDS. Dr Sandor’s twenty years as a pediatric dentist contributed to her motivation to provide a tool for kids and parents to easily communicate with her when dental issues came up without having to make a trip to the dental clinic. GoodCheckup®  provides a face-to-face video interface so you and your dentist can communicate better. It lets the dentist and the patient share records, images and conduct a private consultation from anywhere. Its intuitive design is easy to understand and use. GoodCheckup® has chat capability as well for your convenience and for the hearing-impaired.

Teledentistry, like telemedicine, is growing in popularity with patients and dentists because it’s safe, convenient, cost-effective and it makes good dental care easier than ever. Fast, easy, convenient, GoodCheckup® is quickly becoming popular among dentists and patients nationwide. GoodCheckup® is a member of the American Mobile and Teledentistry Alliance. 

How Can GoodCheckup® Help?

Having your dentist available from your mobile device for an online dental consultation means your best dental health is only a touch screen away. Use GoodCheckup® anytime you want to talk to your dentist about your dental health. Teledentistry, like telemedicine, is an alternative to in-person care for those concerned about safety during COVID. Now that the pandemic is less of a concern, its popularity has continued to increase. Patients use GoodCheckup® for after hours dental emergencies and advice, as well as routine appointments that don’t involve dental work, like pre-op instructions, post-op check-ins, cosmetic or orthodontic consultations, and a lot more. With the video interface, your dentist can inspect your teeth and gums to be able to give you the best advice, and suggest any follow up treatment. They can send a prescription or authorize a refill as needed. GoodCheckup® consultations are great to get second opinions for surgery for dental conditions or for cosmetic dentistry. Orthodontists love GoodCheckup® as it makes regular orthodontic visits fast and easy. And, everyone saves time, gas and money by skipping the visit to the dental office.

How Does GoodCheckup® Work?

GoodCheckup® is simple to use. Create a login and input basic information, such as the name of the patient, to complete the set up. Find your dentist, check their calendar and make an appointment. All your information is encrypted and secure. GoodCheckup® will ask you for payment information for your dentist’s basic consultation fee before you checkout. Payment is through a secure third party portal.

When your appointment time comes, log in and check in for your appointment. Your dentist will see you in their “waiting room” and begin the online dental consultation.

What Does GoodCheckup® Cost?

The GoodCheckup® is completely free for patients. The fee you pay for your dental consultation is set by your dentist. Online dental appointment fees are generally nominal. After all, there are no extra costs for the dentist like staffing, PPE and supplies that happen with an office visit. For some consultations, the fee may be reimbursed by your insurance company so check with your dentist office or insurance company. The app provides a downloadable form for your convenience

How Do I Sign Up?

Download the free app from the iOS App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).and get started today. If you don’t see your dentist on the list, send them an invitation from the Select Dentist page, or let us know and we will contact them. It’s easy for dentists, too!