Everyone these days is familiar with online medical appointments. They are easy, convenient and can be vitally important during a medical emergency or illness. In the same way, online dental appointments are becoming very popular with patients and dentists alike. Everyone saves time and travel, which makes online dentist visits very convenient. But in addition, an online visit with your dentist is very affordable and, unlike how a visit to the dentist can feel for many people, it’s stress free.

What is an online dentist visit?

You might think that a dentist appointment is only for having your teeth cleaned, filling a cavity or getting a new crown. But there are a lot of reasons you might need an appointment with your dentist that don’t require you to be in the dentist chair. There are times when a quick chat with your dentist is all you need. Why go through the hassle and stress of going to the dentist office, waiting in the lobby and sitting in that dentist chair if you don’t have to? And, if you have kids, you know what a trip to the dentist can be like.

Like medical doctors, your dentist can answer questions and help you make decisions about dental care. And now, you can do this easily in a video chat that is convenient and affordable.

So how can you use the GoodCheckup® app instead of making an appointment with the dentist office? Here are some of the reasons to make an affordable and stress free online dentist appointment:

  • After hours and weekend emergencies
  • Prescriptions, if needed
  • Post-op followup appointments
  • Orthodontic check ins
  • Pediatric dentist introductions for anxious kids
  • Questions about dental care at home
  • Children’s dental issues (loose or lost tooth, teething baby, etc.)
  • Discussing treatment options
  • Second opinions

Dental Care Savings and Convenience

Dentist offices are hectic and the staff is always busy. Online dentist appointments are a great way to get time with your dentist away from the busy office setting. And, because your dentist is meeting with you without all that extra staff and equipment, the price is usually very nominal and the process is easy and relaxed. Online dental visits are a great addition to your family’s regular dental care. And, with an app like GoodCheckup®, you have the added security of knowing you can reach your dentist quickly from home without needing to find an opening with the office for an appointment.

Online Dental Visits Help Ease Dentist Appointment Anxiety and Stress

So many people and kids feel the natural anxiety and stress of going to the dentist. With video appointments available from the GoodCheckup® app, there’s no need to feel nervous. Chat with your dentist from the comfort of your home or office. Kids will be especially happy to know they can just talk to the dentist and not have to worry about being in that scary dentist chair. Use online dentist visits to help prepare yourself or your child for upcoming procedures. Access to affordable online dental appointments with your own dentist or to meet a new one can help you make better decisions about your dental care.

It’s Easy: Just Download the Free App for Online Dental Visits

A mobile to mobile dental app like GoodCheckup® provides a simple platform for you and your dentist to meet. Download it for free and complete the signup process, which takes only a few minutes. Then, locate your dentist by name and check their calendar to make an appointment. When you do schedule an appointment, simply prepay your dentist’s low consultation fee through the secure app. That’s it. When your appointment time comes, just check in. Your dentist will see you are in the virtual waiting room and start the meeting.

Download the GoodCheckup® app today to your Apple or Android mobile device and enjoy lower cost, stress free and better dental care in the palm of your hand.