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Access Virtual Dental Care for Your Child’s Teeth

Kids and dentists! We all know kids aren’t crazy about going to the dentist. But like adults, kids need regular dental care. You don’t want to neglect their dental health, so how do you get them to see their dentist with less hassle? GoodCheckup® has the answer!

Use the GoodCheckup® app for a pain free virtual dentist appointment with your child’s dentist. It comes in handy for more than you think. With this teledental app on your phone, you can get in touch with your child’s dentist when you need them, fast, easy and stress free. No more missed appointments, no more arguments. Just download, sign up and schedule an appointment with your child’s dentist.

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Teledentistry Makes Kids’ Dental Care Easier!

Like telemedicine, teledentistry is growing fast and bringing new ways to get dental care. For kids, it’s a great tool to improve their dental care. Here’s how using the free GoodCheckup® virtual dentist app can help your child:

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Dental Emergencies

Kids are always on the go and accidents happen, including dental emergencies like chipped, broken or lost teeth. Sometimes it’s a toothache or even the discomfort of a teething baby or toddler. With the GoodCheckup® app on your phone, you can access your dentist’s online calendar and make an appointment in just a few minutes. Even reach your dentist after hours or on weekends and get the advice you need for home care. Save time and money sitting in emergency rooms by checking in with your own dentist first.

First Dental Visit

Got a toddler? They are ready for a checkup at the dentist but they are scared by the strange setting and noises. A dental consultation on the GoodCheckup® app, face to face with their dentist from the familiarity of home is the way to go. Meet and greet, get an explanation of what will happen when they visit the dentist and maybe even get a quick tour of the facility. You and the dentist can make it easy for your child to prepare for that first checkup or dental work.

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Questions and Home Care

Good home care is important for good dental health. Teaching kids good dental hygiene early, and following up on any issues that come up is a great way to get your child’s dental habits off to a good start. A virtual appointment with your dentist, with face to face video in a relaxed setting is the perfect way to teach your child good dental hygiene habits and keep their dental health on the right track.

Baby and Toddler Care

New parents have lots of questions. When your baby starts teething it’s great to be able to contact your dentist on the GoodCheckup® app for tips on how to make it easier. Or, when is the right time to start brushing a toddler’s teeth, and how do you do it? Crooked baby tooth or other concern? Ask your dentist these questions and more on the app. It’s fast, easy and affordable, and a great way for new parents to get the help they need.

picture of toddler brushing their teeth

On the Road

When you travel with kids, just about anything can happen. With the GoodCheckup® app, contact your dentist from anywhere in case of small emergencies like a cracked tooth or tooth knocked out, minor toothache, lost retainer or other dental issue that comes up. It’s good to know you have your child’s dentist at your fingertips.

Check-ins and Check-Ups

Time for your child’s checkup with the orthodontist or a follow up with the regular dentist? At a virtual dental appointment, your dentist can check up on your child’s progress and give advice for next steps. Save time, travel and the stress of a dental office visit with a quick online appointment.

Orthodontist Appointments Made Easy

Orthodontists are adopting teledentistry at an increasing pace. Meet your child’s orthodontist with a virtual consultation on the app. The orthodontist can review records and take a look at your child’s situation. Once your child’s braces or aligners are in place, use the app for regular check-ins to monitor your child’s progress and deal with issues like comfort level, adjustments and so on. Online orthodontist visits save time for everyone. No need to take your child out of school or sports, just let your orthodontist know you use the GoodCheckup® app and make orthodontic care easy!

How it Works

The GoodCheckup® app is available for Apple and Android mobile devices. It’s free to download and use. Sign up is simple. Enroll your child, find your dentist and access their online appointment calendar. Using the app is easy and convenient. Make a convenient appointment and pay the nominal consultation fee set by your dentist. When time for the appointment arrives, just check into your dentist’s waiting room. They will start the meeting and you and your child will be able to interact directly with your dentist. GoodCheckup® is your peace of mind regarding your child’s dental health.

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