Teledentistry is Making Dental Care Easier and More Affordable

Picture of mom and daughter dental patients using teledentistry app
Dentist with tablet online helping a patient

Teledentistry is changing the way we get dental care.

With easy access to our medical providers right on our phones, medical care is better and easier than ever. Teledentistry is a part of this revolution in care. It’s never been easier to see your dentist with a tele dentist available right from your phone. Tele dentists are pioneering an exciting new approach to dentistry that makes dental care easier and more affordable:

  • Patients can get access to care more easily, right from their cell phone, wherever they are and no long waits in the dentist’s waiting room.
  • Parents – and other caregivers – especially of autistic and special needs children and adults no longer face challenges to get a visual assessment of dental needs. The app is simple and kids are comfortable with technology so getting them to participate is easier.
  • Tele dentists can now see and discuss many issues that before would have required an office visit. The dentist can do a quick assessment. He can see your records right in the app and give you answers faster.
  • This also allows tele dentists to provide quick support and help much more affordably, with a modest consultation fee, saving you money.
  • Get emergency answers faster from your dentist on the app. Many dentists can be reached evenings or weekends if there is an urgent issue and you need help.
  • The app is great for getting second opinions on proposed procedures. Talk to any dentist or specialist in your area, or talk to more than one.
Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play
Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play
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What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is an online experience between you and your dentist that lets you get needed advice and even diagnostics in a quick and convenient way. With an online dentist appointment, your dentist can see you and answer your questions. They can even take a look at your dental issue and advise home treatment or arrange for followup in-office treatment. Teledentistry is a great time-saver. Why waste time commuting to the dentist office when you can see him or her from home or the office?

What Can a Tele Dentist Do?

Tele dentists can actually do a lot during an online teledental appointment. Teledentistry is great for kids who may be a bit afraid of a dentist office, but can happily interact online with their dentist. Dentists can have kids show them their teeth and ask questions that give them information on the state of the child’s dental health. Tele dentists can carry out follow up progress checks, such as post-op checkups following dental surgery, and orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry check ins.

Teledentistry is More Affordable

A teledental appointment is very affordable. These appointments don’t require you to go into the dental office with dental assistants and equipment which all add cost to the dental service. Teledental appointments are easy to schedule, and involve only the patient and the dentist so the cost is low. And, this also makes them very easy and convenient for the patient and the dentist. They may even be scheduled evenings and weekends, depending on the dentist’s schedule.

Teledentistry is a fast, easy and effective way to make your dental care better and more affordable. Download the GoodCheckup® app today and make it easy to see your dentist when and where you need them.