Online Orthodontics With Teledentistry: A Perfect Match!

Whether your patient wears lingual braces, traditional metal braces or cosmetic ceramic braces, their journey to a beautiful smile is going to take some time, and more than one orthodontist visit. This is why teledentistry is a perfect partner for orthodontists and patients to touch bases on a regular basis to check in on progress and make adjustments to their treatment plan as needed along the way.

GoodCheckup® App Makes Orthodontic Care Easy by Offering an Online Monitoring Component

Orthodontists can now offer their patients a time and travel-saving option to meet with their provider in a virtual setting. With GoodCheckup®, the orthodontist can work from anywhere. During the face-to-face appointment, the dentist can check records, take a visual look at the patient’s progress, make recommendations and make plans for next steps. Without the time consuming process of checking patients in and out at the office, the orthodontist is able to schedule more appointments, even evenings and weekends, for routine care. Patients are thrilled to save time and travel to appointments. Kids don’t need to miss school or sports to see their dentist as office hours can be anytime. Virtual orthodontic care makes the whole process easier for both doctor and patient.

Virtual Check-ups and Check-ins Made Simple

With the GoodCheckup® mobile app, the orthodontist can receive photos and visually inspect the patient’s mouth during the consultation. In many cases, a virtual check-in means an in-person visit isn’t needed, as the orthodontist can get all the information they need to keep the patient on track. The app is easy to use for both patients and dentists, with sign up, scheduling, check-in and payment all taking just minutes.

Convenient Video Consultations Bring in New Patients

Telemedicine has boomed over the last few years, and teledentistry is part of that revolution. Patients love the convenience and flexibility of virtual appointments. They appreciate evening and weekend appointment times. The extra benefit for the orthodontist is that expanded hours mean more patients. Grow your practice the easy way with convenient virtual dentistry that lets you meet new or existing patients from your office desk, sofa or anywhere.

Handle Emergencies Faster and More Easily

Broken aligner, lost retainer, dental or jaw pain. Patients have emergencies at all hours. Now you can offer them options, such as after hours and weekend appointments to contact you for help. With a virtual visit, you can take a look at the problem, advise them on next steps, provide a prescription, order new devices, or schedule a follow up office visit. Patients will love you, and you’ll save precious office time and resources by handling it in a convenient mobile-to-mobile appointment.

Patient Contact is Simpler with GoodCheckup®

With a busy practice, it’s good to have extra help with patient contact. The GoodCheckup® is easy to download, set up and use for both you and your patients. Save your office staff time by letting your patients book and pay directly with the app. You work hard to make your patients’ smiles better. Adding teledentistry to your orthodontics practice will make your smile brighter, too.