Teledentistry Billing on the GoodCheckup® App

One of benefits of teledentistry is the simple coding structure set by the ADA. There are only two codes recommended for teledentistry (D9995 and D9996), which keeps things fairly simple (read the ADA document about teledentistry coding here).

One of the benefits of teledentistry with GoodCheckup is that appointment setting and payment are integrated into the app. This means there is less work for you or your staff to schedule patients and to spend time collecting fees from them or their insurance company.

Setting Your Teledental Fees

  • When you enroll your dental practice with GoodCheckup, you will be asked to set your prepaid consulting fee schedule.
  • What you charge is up to you. Choices range from $10-150 for categories such as emergency visits, new patients and current patient follow up appointments.
  • Teledental fees are generally affordable to patients since the session is a video consultation that does not require putting the patient into a dental chair and the staff and equipment that an office exam requires.
  • Your fees will be net of a small fee for processing the payment through Stripe and for use of the app.
  • When you set your fees, you will be shown the net amount you will receive for each appointment.
screenshot of GoodCheckup teledentistry billing fees settings

Collecting Fees

screenshot of GoodCheckup app's fees confirmation screen
  • Collecting fees on GoodCheckup is easy because the app does everything for you!
  • Patients prepay their consultation on the app in order to make an appointment, online with no need for your office to get involved.
  • The payment is processed through payment gateway Stripe. Stripe’s secure process collects payment from your patient’s bank and transfers it to your bank account.
  • As part of your set up, you will be asked to enroll with Stripe. Enter the bank account you would like your fees deposited to. Then sit back and let the app and the financial pros at Stripe handle everything for you.
  • Your bookkeeper will be able to retrieve your transaction records using Stripe’s reporting features..
  • Once the patient has booked and paid for the appointment, it will appear on your calendar. Your online waiting room will tell you when they have checked in. A streamlined, automated process that leaves you and your staff free to work with more patients. Help your practice grow with GoodCheckup.

Happy patients, extra income. Fast and easy!

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Button to download the GoodCheckup app on Google Play