Frequently Asked Patient Questions

As with any new App, much more so any app that provides remote care, you’ll probably have questions about GoodCheckup®. This page will change as needed. If you don’t see your question answered, we’d love to hear about it! Email us at

How Does a Virtual Dental Appointment Work?

How a virtual dental appointment works depends on the technology that your dentist is using. Goodcheckup® is the app developed by pediatric dentist and mom Marilyn Sandor to make it as easy as possible, so how we answer that question is going to be based on the Goodcheckup® app. Here’s a link to a visual guide on getting started with the app (spoiler alert: it’s easy!).

Here’s an article that better describes how the actual appointment itself works, and what you can expect from your face-to-face online dental appointment.

Can I get emergency dental care (nights/weekends)?

Did you know that GoodCheckup® makes it convenient for dentists to schedule virtual appointments after regular office hours? Evenings and weekends are popular times for virtual appointments. Please check your dentist’s appointment availability.

Can I use this app to talk to my own dentist?

Yes, if your dentist uses Good Checkup®, you can make a virtual appointment in the app. If your dentist isn’t on the list, you can send him or her an invitation to join.

The app wants me to create an "ePHI PIN." What is that, and why is it necessary?

ePHI stands for electronic Personal Health Information. ePHI is defined as a part of HIPAA and is a set of protocols to protect your privacy online. GoodCheckup® asks you to create an ePHI PIN (personal identification number) as another simple but effect layer of privacy-protection. You can read our in-depth blog post about it here.

What equipment do I need for my teledental appointment?

All you need is your camera-equipped smartphone! GoodCheckup® is available for download on your mobile device, phone or tablet.

What kind of dental services can I get through the app?

GoodCheckup® is popular with general and family dentists, as well as specialties like pediatric dentists and orthodontists: You may use the app to have a virtual consultation and evaluation, a routine check-in, an emergency visit in case of a dental issue or to get answers to questions you may have, receive a prescription, or to get a second opinion before you have a procedure. 

Is my information private?

GoodCheckup makes protecting your data its top priority.

Designed with your privacy in mind, GoodCheckup® is a fully cyber secure platform that meets the software security-related regulations set forth by HIPAA*. No information within GoodCheckup is accessible by anyone other than you and your dentist. When you consult with your dentist on GoodCheckup®, all communications are private. Video is not stored and any images or documents you share with your dentist are encrypted and maintained on a secure server on the Cloud, protected from unauthorized users.

And for processing your credit card we use a processor with industry-leading security precautions: Stripe.

You can be sure your information is safe when you use GoodCheckup®.

*HIPAA is a federal law that sets a national standard to protect medical records and other personal health information.
For more information on HIPAA, visit:


How Good is Virtual Dental Care?

Virtual dentistry (also known as teledentistry), provides an option that can be as good or even superior for treating many dental needs. Click here for a lengthier explanation.

How much does it cost? Can I pay through the app?

Individual dentists set their own virtual visit fees. You will see your dentist’s fee when you make an appointment on the app. Payments are handled by the super-secure Stripe payment system

Will my insurance cover the cost of my appointment?

Most often, the cost of your teledental appointment will be minimal, often less than a co-pay. If you do want to submit a claim, check with your dental insurance carrier for coverage. Then, download a claim form from the app, complete it and submit the form to your insurance company.

What if I don't have a dentist?

A great starting point for finding a qualified dentist is to use the Find-A-Dentist® tool maintained by the American Dental Association. Any member dentists have pledged themselves to Five Principles that put you, the patient, first. You can search their database here.

Why would I want to book a dentist appointment online?

There are several reasons you may want to book an online dentist appointment, such as getting help with a potential dental emergency, getting a 2nd opinion, or even helping your child deal with the anxiety of visiting a dentist.
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Is my credit card payment secure?

Yes. We use Stripe for all credit card payments and we NEVER store your credit card information on our servers. For more about credit card security, click here.

Can I use GoodCheckup® to chat with my dentist?

Yes. Along with video and voice, GoodCheckup® has built in chat as well. You can read more about it here.