What Kind of Dental Services Can I Offer with the GoodCheckup® Teledentistry Platform?

Improve access and the dental health of your patients with teledentistry services you can easily offer

As a busy dental professional, adding dental consultations with the video chat that GoodCheckup® provides is a great way to grow your dental practice while also increasing your patients’ access to needed care, especially patients who have a dental emergency, need a low cost alternative to an office visit, or are in rural areas. Many dentists think of teledentistry tied to software platforms, which seems like a heavy lift.

By contrast, setting up online virtual consultations with GoodCheckup® teledentistry is quick and easy. That gives you time to think about the type of services you can offer your patients through the app.

There are a wide range of dental health services that you can address with patients online, freeing up time they spend in the dentist chair and waiting room, and saving you money on the time and overhead those office visits require.

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Virtual Dental Care Presents Many Opportunities to Improve Oral Health for Patients

Dentists know well that patient care is not always a hands-on activity. There are a number of good uses for online teledental consulting that add value for both you and your patients:

Pre-op Preparation

  • Pre-surgery screening
  • Explain the procedure, such as root canals, extractions, cosmetic dental work, etc.
  • Discuss pain management and sedation options
  • Answer patient questions

Service Opportunities and Patient Education

  • Second opinions
  • Exams and evaluations of new patients
  • Records transfer and review
  • Discuss cosmetic dentistry options, teeth whitening options, veneers or dental bonding
  • Explain dental implants, dentures and bridges
  • Other products like mouthguards for bruxism, Invisalign

Urgent Dental Needs and After Hours Care

  • Dental emergency advice and referrals
  • At home care advice
  • Prescriptions, if needed
  • Pediatric dental concerns

Pediatric and Orthodontic

  • Video introductions for small children prior to first office visit
  • Preventive care visits
  • Teething and lost teeth advice
  • Regular orthodontic check-ins and follow-up

High Quality Preventive and Follow-up Care

  • Routine preventive care check-ins
  • Post-op check-ins
  • Minor issues post op: discomfort, bleeding, etc.

Grow Your Practice with Teledental Services

The relaxed convenience of a GoodCheckup® video chat will help your patients better understand treatment options than if you have the discussion in a hectic clinic environment. And, being able to go in depth with patients one-on-one means more opportunity to book extra treatment services that will increase revenues and your bottom line. You may find that you are able to add new services you did not offer before as you develop your online consultations that both improve communications and free up chair time in the clinic for more hands-on patient care.

Download the GoodCheckup® App

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It’s fast, easy and inexpensive to offer teledental services with the GoodCheckup® app. Downloading the app and enrolling takes only a few minutes. The app is independent of your office’s services software. Once you set your fees, payment is handled right on the app, so there’s no collections or billing involved. Set your schedule, let your patients know about the video consulting option, and watch your appointments fill up.

What can you do for your practice by adding teledental services? Sign up today and find out.