What Should I Tell My Patients about the GoodCheckup® Teledentistry Platform?

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Access to Care, Anywhere!­™

Tell your patients the good news! The GoodCheckup® teledentistry platform and free dental app that lets them contact on their mobile device. From home, on vacation, at the beach. Secure and private.

All dentists want their patients to have good dental health and better care, the reason for regular dental visits. One component of that can often be care between visits as well. Well, now you can help your patients do that, and it’s easy, convenient and affordable.

Tell your Patients about your New Teledentistry Consulting Service on the GoodCheckup® App

Once you’re set up on GoodCheckup®, it’s time to get the word out. Send an email to your patient list letting them know about your services available on GoodCheckup®.

Tell them what services they can get when they book an appointment on GoodCheckup®

Give your patients a clear idea of how they can benefit from using the app. One popular use of the app is dental emergencies. It’s good to know that your dentist may be available for a video call, even if the office is closed. Next time they have a dental emergency, or need help with a dental hygiene question, or need a follow up to a recent procedure, your patients will know they can use the app to talk to you instead of having to wait for an office appointment.

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Some of the Virtual Dental Services available with GoodCheckup®

Dental emergencies after hours and on weekends advice and perscriptions

Orthodontic check-ins

Post-procedure follow ups

Pediatric "get to know you" visits for new and nervous patients, and parent questions

Pre-surgery screening and answer patient questions

Review records and discuss treatment options with patient

Home care and dental hygiene discussions with patients

Second Opinions

Explore an extensive list of service ideas  you can offer your patients with your new mobile-to-mobile video dentistry service.

Of course, they can’t get a filling or a new crown with the mobile app, but they can discuss any dental problems with you and you can take a look and share images and records. From that you can both plan for the procedure. A teledental visit is a great timesaver and will help patients maintain better dental health.

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Virtual Dentist: Convenient! Saves Time! Affordable!

You’ve experienced the app. You know it’s simple to download and install on your mobile device. Sign up is fast and easy, and it’s free. Patients will choose your name from a list of dentists. Once they do that, it’s easy for them to access your calendar and make an appointment.

GoodCheckup® is Safe and Easy!

When a patient makes an appointment, they will be asked to pay the flat fee you have set for the consultation. It’s simple for patients to pay through Stripe, a major third party payment portal. Patient records are stored securely on the cloud so they can be sure their privacy is maintained.

Patients can visit the GoodCheckup® website for more information on any of the features of the GoodCheckup® app.

Provide your Patients a Link to Download the GoodCheckup® App

Most people appreciate a link to save time hunting for an app. Include this link in your email and let them know they can download it for free. Sign up takes only minutes. Now your patients will be able to reach you quickly when they need you. Some will start using it right away and your teledentistry service will start earning revenue and saving you time and money in the office right away.

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Get the Word Out

Market your new teledental services just like your regular services. Here are some easy ideas for getting the word out. Use your website, social media and other outlets to be sure all your patients are aware that they can meet with you remotely from work, home or on the road when they need you.

Patients love the affordability and convenience of teledentistry. Be sure they know it’s available from your practice so they can enjoy the benefits it offers. They will love you for it.

If you have any questions on the use of GoodCheckup® or how to talk to patients about it, feel free to contact us at support@goodcheckup.com.