Telemedicine and teledentistry are taking healthcare by storm. Both are giving professionals new ways to care for patients and earn additional revenues. And patients have a convenient new tool for managing their health. Adding a teledental app to their dental care routine is another tool that makes modern dentistry easier and better than ever.

Dentist Businesses Benefit from Teledental Consulting Services

Dentists are adopting teledentistry at a fast pace. It’s no wonder, as the added service is inexpensive and easy to implement. Here’ how it’s adding value to dental practices:

  • Video consultations through a teledental app can be done anytime, including after hours and weekends, and in lieu of office visits. These expanded hours mean more patients can be seen and the practice earns more revenues, all while freeing up appointments in the office. That open office appointment can now make room for another patient in the chair, providing faster service for patients with more serious issues, and bringing in more revenue for dental procedures.
  • Mobile to mobile consulting with GoodCheckup® can help the dental professional assess and plan for patient care. In many cases, the patient’s condition can be evaluated during the video call. Patient and dentist can share photos and records for further evaluation. Efficiently getting a preliminary look at the patient’s condition allows the dentist to more effectively plan and prioritize a treatment plan for follow-up office visits.
  • Respond to patient emergencies faster with a teledental visit. This will help achieve better outcomes and provide better service to your patients.
  • Reduce overhead. Mobile to mobile appointments don’t require your dental assistant staff or other costs associated with keeping your office open. Video appointments are economical and transitioning even a small portion of your office appointments to teledental will save you money.
  • Lighten the load on your crowded waiting room. Some visits that now require the patient to come into the office can be done remotely, such as post-procedure follow up or conditions that only require home care or a prescription. Your staff and your patients will all appreciate a less crowded waiting room and shorter wait times for in-office appointments.
  • Provide expanded services and attract new patients who appreciate the convenience and affordability of remote dental appointments. There are lots of services you can provide with a simple teledentistry consultation, such as second opinions, that will help expand your client base and earn new revenues with their ongoing care.
  • Prescribe or renew prescriptions your patients need for pain or other conditions, even when the office is closed.
  • Video consulting opens up new opportunities for serving your patients. Pediatric dentists can please their patients with an opportunity for tiny clients to be introduced and chat with their dentist from the comfort of home before they ever have to climb into a dentist chair. Answer questions, get to know each other, and make that first office visit a bit easier.
  • During COVID outbreaks, patients, dentists and your dental staff appreciate the opportunity for remote appointments. With teledental services in your portfolio, patients won’t have to put off appointments and you can keep their dental health on track while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Benefits of a Teledentistry Mobile App for your Dental Patients

Having their dentist available through an app that is easy to use and affordable will give your patients peace of mind. Families with children, elderly, disabled or busy working people can get care they need from home.  Too often, as dentists know so well, patients ignore dental issues until they are in pain. With access to a mobile app like GoodCheckup®, they can feel more relaxed about contacting you for advice, taking care of issues earlier and improving their overall dental health.

Teledentistry opens up a stress-free way for young patients to receive dental services from their pediatric dentist or orthodontist right at home. Parents will appreciate your help with after hours issues in case of small emergencies. Better care from anywhere is good for everyone.

A teledental consultation is generally short, lasting 10-15 minutes, and is very affordable. This will encourage patients to contact you for questions and issues that come up, instead of having to wait or simply ignoring the issue. Addressing dental issues early will help you deliver better dental health to your patients, and will generate new opportunities for care you can discuss with them during the call, such as dental implants or other cosmetic procedures. Use the app for follow care after procedures, and save everyone time and travel.

Teledentistry Services Up and Running in Minutes with the GoodCheckup® App

The GoodCheckup® is a fast easy-to-use tool that will get your teledental services up and running in just a few minutes. There’s no training required. Set up your account and set your fees and you are ready to go. Patients pay right through the app so there’s no hassle for billing and collections.

There are so many ways the GoodCheckup® app can help both dentists and patients. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of the teledentistry revolution. The app is free to download, easy to set up and simple to use. Give GoodCheckup® a try today.