Today’s dentistry is more technologically advanced than ever before. We have at hand sophisticated tools that have made complex dental procedures of the past easier and more efficient. These advances give dentists better results for patients, who also experience less pain and discomfort, faster recoveries and overall less stress related to their dental procedures. These advances are not limited to tools and applications that relate to hands on treatment. They also include the ability to give patients access to care remotely through teledentistry. These communication tools are a valuable communication tool for a dental practice. The growth of telemedicine has given medical doctors the ability to communicate with patients more efficiently and effectively, and at lower cost. Now these same advantages are available to dentists with the GoodCheckup® teledentistry app.

What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is a newly introduced online mobile to mobile digital tool for dentists to see patients remotely. Similar to telemedicine where patients communicate with their doctors, dentists now have access to secure online apps to hold face to face video chats with patients. Teledentistry is more than just a phone call, however. A teledental app is specifically designed to handle many of the steps of an office visit, but virtually in a mobile to mobile video chat mode. It incorporates programming in an easy to use format of everything needed to facilitate a teledental appointment. Dentists can make appointments, load and review records, receive photos and bill and collect fees right from the app. Because a teledental mobile to mobile app doesn’t require an office, staff or equipment, dentists can greatly expand their hours of service, and provide service from anywhere, including home or on the road at almost no extra cost.

The GoodCheckup® app allows the dentist to gather important information quickly and make recommendations that get the patient on the road to recovery faster. This includes such things as scheduling a follow up office visit, providing a prescription medication, such as for pain, advising home care, or providing a referral to a specialist. Both patients and dentists benefit from the convenience of teledentistry. Since appointments are not confined to office hours, teledentistry can reduce the time patients need to wait for help, often saving them hours of pain waiting to see the dentist. 

How Can the GoodCheckup® App Help Me Grow My Dental Practice?

With the GoodCheckup® app, your dental practice is turbocharged. You have the chance to add hours of appointments to your week, but without the expense and hassle of opening the office. See patients after hours or on weekends. As a teledental provider, you can add emergency teledental services to your portfolio. And, now, instead of taking up valuable office hours and dental tech time, handle emergencies, post-procedure check-ins, consultations and second opinions via the app on your own time. By speaking to patients on the app, you now have a plan for their care and can schedule the right appointment length, equipment resources and tech talent to do their in-office procedure more efficiently, saving time and money for your practice. With the in-office time savings you gain, you will have extra capacity to see more patients in the office.

As a teledental provider, you will gain new patients who find you on the app and can book an appointment instantly, creating a dentist-patient relationship without having to call the office and ask for a new patient opening. You’ll also retain more existing patients who appreciate the convenience of online teledental appointments. Teledental is great for busy working people, stay at home seniors, moms with small children and people who appreciate being able to forego the dentist office experience, so add them to your roster and work around their needs to incorporate teledental with their necessary regular dental treatments at the office.

Be sure to market your teledental services to your patients as part of your marketing strategy. Let them know how you use it and remind them how convenient it is for them. Include information about your GoodCheckup® app services on your website or Google page or wherever you reach your clients. You’ll be surprised how many patients will appreciate the convenience and extra security it provides them, and how quickly you fill up the online appointment calendar you have set for yourself.

GoodCheckup® will give you more patient appointments, a more efficient office schedule and can add more revenue to your practice. Its cost savings can increase your profit margins. And, its appeal to the public, who appreciate the convenience of an online appointment, will help you build a loyal patient base. Download the GoodCheckup® app, set your schedule and easily set up your billing information inside the app using secure online payment portal Stripe. Then, let your patients know about your new service, and start earning extra revenue today.

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